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Trident Sugar Free Chewing Gum (Assorted Flavors) 12 Flavors - with By The Cup Mints

  • $ 20.49

  • This variety includes 12 14-stick packs of Trident Sugar Free Gum.
  • Flavors include: Original, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon, Mint Bliss, Wild Blueberry Twist, Tropical Twist, Watermelon Twist, Strawberry Twist, Black Raspberry Twist, Passionberry Twist, Perfect Peppermint
  • With 30% fewer calories than sugared gum, Trident is sweetened with Xylitol which provides long lasting flavor, fights plaque, and restores pH balance to maintain healthy smiles
  • Four out of five dentists recommend chewing Trident after eating and drinking to clean and protect teeth
  • Includes By The Cup Sugar Free Peppermint Mints

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