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Gold Medal Flavacol - 35 Ounce Carton Movie Theatre Secret Seasoning Salt - Bundled with 1 Pound Variety of By The Cup, Purple, Lady Finger & Baby White Popcorn (Pack of 4)

  • $ 11.99

  • 1 - 35 oz Carton Gold Medal Flavacol Movie Theater Style Popcorn Seasoning Salt
  • 1 pound bag of each flavor By The Cup Purple, Ladyfinger, Baby White Popcorn; Non-GMO
  • Baby White is the smallest and most tender popcorn resembling Japanese hulless
  • Purple is a very good and tender eating corn that’s higher in antioxidants
  • Lady Finger is a small hulless tender popcorn; It’s open pollenated and similar to Tom Thumb

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